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Dr Andy Williamson

Thinker, writer and changemaker

Andy is a Scottish-based architect for democracy and a passionate advocate for stronger governance. Described as a global leader in democratic innovation and civic participation, particularly around the intersection of digital, parliaments and citizens, he works with senior management, government ministers, parliamentarians, civil servants and citizens. Andy supports organisations to transform their culture and processes to become more creative, open, transparent and effective.

Andy is well informed, well connected and extremely enthusiastic, which he has a talent for conveying to his audience. I come away from any conversation or talk completely fired up and ready for action.

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Dr Andy Williamson

What I do

I bring extensive experience in participatory research, political campaigning, digital communication, and social and tech innovation. I work with large corporates (such as Volvo and numerous banks), governments and parliaments around the world (including Brazil, Chile, Moldova, Serbia, UK, US and the European Parliament) and local government and civil society groups (in Sweden, the UK, Germany, New Zealand and Australia).

Globally, my work includes the United Nations, Inter-parliamentary Union and the Council of Europe. A skilled facilitator, I have been hailed as an engaging public speaker and as a well-known writer and commentator for a wide range of media, including the Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera and TedX.

I hold a PhD in digital democracy from Monash University, Melbourne, have held senior leadership and governance positions in the private, public and charity sectors and I'm a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.. Alongside democracy and innovation, I'm an active creative and writer of prose and poetry, with a number of published volumes.

Dr Andy Williamson

Ask me to speak or write for you

I’d love to support and contribute to your conference, workshop or event by talking about what I know, or to write something for your publication.

I can talk to your audience about: Citizen engagement and democratic reform; Digital democracy, how people are using it and what it means; Democratic innovation and the potential for digital transformation; Civic tech; Digital campaigns, whether that’s what happened in the last election or what you could do in the next; Open government, open parliaments; and Open policy and open data.

I’ve spoken at TEDx, give keynotes at global conferences, in parliaments and with audiences ranging from academics and civil society groups to the general public. I’ve appeared on BBC Newsnight, BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour, Sky News, Al Jazeera, PBS and Radio New Zealand National. And I’ve spoken at events on every continent except Antarctica (penguins aren’t that into democracy).

If your audience wants a no nonsense, plain speaking take on democratic innovation or a reflexive view on the state of public engagement, campaigning or the impact of digital, then I’d be delighted to speak at your event or radio TV, radio or online show.

I write for a wide range of publications too. From The Guardian to academic journals, policy and topical blogs and a range of newspapers and magazines, such as The House magazine, Political Insight and International Affairs from Chatham House.

I regularly design, host and facilitate workshops, events and to chair interactive panels. These range from multi-day immersive workshops to short sessions with audiences from the public to parliamentarians.

If you have a media or event enquiry, just drop me a line and we can talk.

Dr Andy Williamson

Latest publications

This is a very brief list of recent or popular publications. Contact me if you're looking for something in particular or would like a full list.

Dr Andy Williamson

Get in touch.
Andy's trajectory proves he is an innovator, able to easily combine technology and policy in order to provide advice to national governments, parliaments, and civil society groups - as well as to individuals lucky enough to meet him when they were embarking on a new stage of their journey!


Glasgow, Scotland / Glaschu, Alba